Adriano Medeiros

Adriano Medeiros back to Brands GP for the GT Throphy

In 2010 Adriano Medeiros was coaching the driver Chris Bentley at the Gt Cup. The championship is a GT amateur series for the Gentleman drivers, and the series organisers create an endurance race called GT Throphy which became a sister championship.

Then Chris decided to participate in May at Brands Hatch GP, as it is an endurance race, there was a need for the second driver, So Chris gave the oportunity to Adriano Medeiros. The results couldn’t be better. Win in Class and the driver Adriano Medeiros had ocuppied the 3rd place overall at some point during the race.

The success made Chris choose Adriano to race again on two other ocasions in the same championship.

The GT Trophy is a really good idea and has been doing well considering the whole situation of the motorsport industry, after all the crisis in the economy, bringing small numbers to the race track. Despite all of that, Chris and Adriano had been Continue reading

News from Alex Dias Ribero


For those Who doesnt know Alex Dias Ribeiro, in 1976 Alex was racing in F1 and was know to be the guy Who aways had a lots of faith in GOD and aways had the message JESUS Saves in his cars and Crash Helmets.

THE MILION BUCKS RACE ministry report‏

The third edition of the Brazilian Million Bucks Race held in Interlagos this year was one of the best races I have seen, with many lead changes and an intense battle among seven drivers, striving for victory. Only two seconds separated the pole position from the back markers at the start. The statisticians recorded 36 overtaking among the competitors battling for three places in the podium.

For me, the weekend began on Wednesday in a meeting with one of the team owners to study the bible and to hear from him about the extraordinary things that God has done in his personal life since he invited Christ to live in his heart.  As he is a guy who is not afraid to read and have a passion for the things from above, his spiritual progress has been remarkable. He has been up to now, the best disciple whom I ever walked together.

 On Friday I was able to address all the competitors at the Drivers Briefing, explaining that in Stock Cars where, all have to use the same engine, chassis, tires, components and the rules do not allow any modification on the cars, the big deal is to “boost” the driver.

But how do you boost a driver?
 By making the prayer from the Apostle Paul our most ardent desire:

 I ask God that with His glorious richness he strengthens your inner man with power by way of the Spirit, so that Christ may live in your hearts by faith, so that you can be filled with the wholeness of God; who is able to do infinitely more than what we ask for or think in accordance with his power that lives in us. Eph 3:16-21.                

Wow!  – The guy, who took this most seriously, drove like a lion and Continue reading

Great article on Raceway Ministries

Checkered Flag Waving
“Effective Raceway Ministries Outreach”

by Dr. Roger Marsh
Executive Director, NFRM 


So, so many factors contribute to effectively reaching people with the good news of hope in Christ in the motor sports world.  Prayer, empowerment by the Holy Spirit, building relationships, being able to share one’s own testimony of salvation–all of these are crucial.  Based on my experiences and observations thus far in 2011, here are some additional tips that might encourage and help us all as we reach out to racers, fans and others with the gospel: 

    First, Learn from Them.  Obviously, effective evangelism occurs as we gain some understanding of human nature and utilize all that we know about human behavior.  And, when it comes to folks in the motor sports community, it is imperative that we learn all we can about who they are, how they think, what their current likes and dislikes might be, and to what approaches they will respond.  For years, we all have been aware, for example, Continue reading