CIM funds are used purely for outreach and ministry activities, and CIM will soon be accorded charity status. No money is used for motorsport, sponsoring racing cars or supporting individuals. CIM is promoted free of charge on various cars’ livery and is funded by the drivers, enthusiasts and other supporters.

We encourage all supporters to become ‘paid up members’ and give to the work of CIM. We recommend a monthly standing order of £2 (or more if you wish) and prefer this to an annual cheque as it requires much less processing and annual reminding.” 

 The annual membership fee for people wishing to be Full Members of CIM (rather than just ‘Supporters) – or make donations to CIM’s work- are invited to do one of the following (in order of preference):
a) Set up a Standing Order to the CIM account
b) Make a transfer (via phone or Internet banking) to the CIM account
c) Send a cheque, payable to Christians In Motorsport, to:

Tricia Sharkey
Bridgwater Road
BS25 1NH

A monthly standing order of £2 is the prefered method, however we try to be as flexible as possible.  Please email to request our account details for your contributions.

 Please ensure that in ALL the above you include your personal details! If you are using a direct transfer facility, please use the Contact page to give us details about yourself. Your name, email address, home address, contact phone number and your link with motorsport (eg. Driver, marshal, photographer, engineer, spectator etc.).

Please also sign up to our Facebook group –
as well as chatting to other members, CIM will use this as the means to communicate when we need to get important info out to you. You’ll also be able to contact us most easily through the group.

Yours, in His service,

Phill Parker
CIM Committee