Our Constitution


CIM’s mission is to provide practical help and pastoral ministry to the motorsport community.


CIM events include:

-a range of motorsport orientated events such as track days, youth camps, shows and races (both competing and trackside), often showcasing the gospel in a relevant manner.
-day meetings involving spiritual teaching, mentoring and motorsport skills training (e.g. sponsorship generation). 


All members can undertake roles for CIM but leadership of the group is the responsibility of the Committee consisting of a Chairman, Communications Director and an Executive Officer.  Committee members are elected annually at the AGM.  The committee members have the authority to act, speak and commit funds on behalf of the group as a whole, and to terminate membership of individuals if their behaviour is incompatible with the values of the group.


Membership is open to Christians with any interest/involvement in motorsport (professionally or recreationally).  Members are required to do the following:

-sign up to the declaration of faith
-avoid any actions that would be deemed to be incompatible with Christian values
-register for the ‘Smartgroups’ email system (unless the individual is not an internet user)

Associate membership is available to those who wish to attend CIM events and satisfy the above criteria but do not wish to sign up to the declaration of faith.

Annual membership is available for a minimum donation of £9.  Non-members may attend one CIM event with no obligation but they must join to attend future events.


Q. What do I get for my money?

To paraphrase JFK, “ask not what CIM can do for you but what you can do for CIM!”  All funds will go towards our mission as stated above inc. events, membership of the ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and paying for the website (which is for the use of all CIM members), but not for sponsoring competitors.  For full details, see the CIM ‘Funding policy’ document. 

Members can also purchase CIM car decals, racesuit badges etc, and will receive invites to a range of CIM events each year.

NB. Associate members are ineligible for displaying CIM decals/badges or featuring on website.  CIM is a non-profit making body and funds are audited regularly.


1.  Serving the People of Sport’ (SPS) e.g. competitors and employees

2.  Strategic Regional Coalitions (SRC) e.g. ‘Multi-ministry’ race event involving fusion of SCORE with CIM competing team and a youth group.

3.  Strategic Sports Partnerships (SSP) e.g. Chaplains and competing teams

4.  Church Sports (CS): e.g. youthwork (host church youth group at a race)

5.  Proclamation by Sports People (PSP) e.g. Personal testimonies by Christian drivers and team members on how their faith has helped them.

For full explanation of the terms used above, please visit SportsOutreach and follow the ‘ISC Strategic programs’ menu link.

November 2005